Apostle Ronnie L. Adderly Sr., Co Pastor

Ronnie Adderly was born on June 22 in Fort Pierce, Florida, he received the Lord as his personal savior at an early age. With a desire of wanting to know more about the Lord, he received the gift of the Holy Ghost under the late Bishop Isaac Miller at the Apostolic Faith Church of Deliverance.

Growing in Christ Jesus at the age of 10, Ronnie desired wisdom of God that led him to study the Word of God. At the age of 13 Ronnie was in a fatal car accident during this time he had a visitation by God, Who, revealed he must do the work of the Lord. At the age of 14, his family moved to Fort Worth, Texas under the late Pastor Alvin Sandlin. Under his leadership, Ronnie proclaimed the Gospel, and he was afforded the opportunity to be taught the importance of the Word and the effectiveness of Outreach Ministry by caring for the elderly, homeless and those of recovering addictions. During the years of traveling as an evangelist at the age of 21, and being effective in his desired ministry, he was ordained under the Prophetic Outreach Ministries where the prophetic gift was stirred in him. Prophet Adderly also served as an Elder by fulfilling the role of an Assistant Pastor to Apostle Herbert Tate under the Leadership of Apostle Daryl McCoy.

Ronnie received the Ministry of Impartation from Ambassador Maxine Thomas, the late Apostle Kevin Hall, and from the late internationally known Prophetess/Pastor Trina James. The desire that Ronnie has for empowering and delivering the people of God grew instantaneously. While serving under the leadership of Bishop James Callies, Ronnie birthed through fasting and praying his very own ministry in the city of Palm Bay, Florida, The Power of God Empowerment Ministries. After being released to do ministry, God deposited a fire in his heart, and a passion to bring liberations to those who are bound and suppressed by life’s challenges through the Power of God. God has graced his ministry with miracles, signs and wonders. Many have experienced God’s power and healing through Apostle/Prophet/Pastor Adderly’s ministry.

Prophet Robert L. Adderly Jr., Co Pastor

Prophet Robert Adderly Jr. was born on June 22nd in Fort Pierce, Florida with a twin brother by the name of Ronnie Adderly Sr. Being brought up in the counsel of God, after much dedication to the Church (as a Musician), he received salvation at the age of nine under the leadership of the Late Bishop Isaac Miller (Apostolic Faith Church of Deliverance Ft Pierce, Fl). In December 1994, during a Family Prayer Meeting, Brother Adderly received the fullness of the Holy Ghost.

Growing up in different denominations ignited a hunger and thirst in him to know the Mysteries of God. While seeking God, it was his grandmother, Mother Dora Sandlin, who instilled in him the importance of prayer. Waking up at 5:00 am every morning to have prayer and closing the day out with prayer at 9:00pm. Robert realized that it took more than the normal calisthenics you see in church today to stay connected to the Lord. Experiencing troubled early teenage years, Brother Adderly rededicated his life back to God at the age of eighteen and accepted his call to minister the gospel under his uncle the Late Pastor Alvin Sandlin (Lighthouse Church of God Ft Worth, Tx).

After attending the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Full Sail University, Brother Adderly realized nothing could hold his attention outside of music, and he felt like it was time to consecrate and fast for directions. During a Saturday morning meeting in 2005, the Word of the Lord came to him through the late Prophetess Trina James “Jeremiah 1:5, Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”. After the laying on of hands, it was then when Prophet Adderly experienced an accelerated weight of God’s Glory and growth within ministry.

After conducting Prophetic Prayer Meetings, revivals, workshops, and prayer meetings; seeing miracles take place, from blinded eyes open, cancers healed, devils cast out, Prophet Adderly discovered his assignment to the body of Christ. Being instructed of the Holy Ghost to sanctify himself with the Word, prayer, worship and consecration he was invited to attend a meeting in Texas with the World Renown Dr. T.L. Lowery. Through the hundreds of persons which attended, Prophet Adderly was singled out. Receiving an impartation from Dr. Lowery, Brother Adderly was declared by God to be a Prophet to the nation, and that night he received a double portion. Since, Prophet Adderly has been on fire with God! In 2013, God sent he and his brother back to Florida to the City of Melbourne where they started a ministry, birthed through prayer, “The Power of God Empowerment Ministries”.

While here in Florida, through the ministry, they have seen numerous creative miracles, signs, and wonders as of what JESUS declared would happen in Mark 16. Prophet Robert Adderly is recognized not only for his musical dexterity and worship, but also his prophetic accuracy and ability to go into the realms of the Spirit and shift matters with the divine authority of God. Prophet Robert Adderly’s gift of mercy allows him to cast out devils, and walk each individual through deliverance, leading them beside still waters.


To be an expression of GOD’S Glory and the turning point for families and communities locally and nationally through the Love of GOD that leads to Discipleship, Doctrinal Teaching, and Spiritual Encounters.